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Poster campaign
Geneva Puppet Theatre
‘Les 9 Coriaces’ (The 9 Stubborn Ones)

Having done internships, I would like to show you one of my favorite works that I created with Silvia Francia at BLVDR in Geneva.

I collaborated with her on the poster campaign for TMG 2022-23, and I chose to present the poster "Les 9 Coriaces". I created more than 50 masks to represent the surreal universe of puppets while staying within the theme of the show. Silvia used them to create the final poster. This experience allowed me to develop my creativity while collaborating to create a captivating work. The final poster brings a breath of fresh air to TMG with its innovative and unique aesthetic, combining tradition and modernity to offer a unique vision.

Date : February, 2022

Dimensions : F200, A4, A5

Material : Black Pen

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