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Diploma Work
Book ‘
Libellule’ (Dragonfly)
Thematic: Marked


This artwork is important and significant to me. It's a piece that describes the relationship between my mother and me, from my birth until today. She watched me grow, and those memories will remain engraved in my subconscious. I chose to name this book ‘Dragonfly’, the nickname I give to my mother, who has left such a lasting impression on me.

Firstly, I grouped all the key moments that we shared on a timeline, in the form of a leporello. Then, I explored what constitutes this maternal relationship through art, history, and psychology, before concluding with a few testimonies. This book provides a means of exploring this connection through the experiences of over 50 people worldwide.

Date : December, 2022

Dimensions : 240 x 300 mm

Paper : Z-Offset Raw
Binding : Cold Glued Spine ‏

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